Our modern machinery enables us to finish textiles to the special requirements and wishes of our customers.

Here is a selection of our possible options for functional finishing:

  • Aloe Vera
  • antibacterial finishing
  • antimicrobial finishing
  • antistatic finishing
  • FC finishing
  • Flame retardant finishing / coating to DIN 4201 B1, M1
  • Fluorocarbon and soft finishing
  • Fabric handle modifying finishes
  • High-end finishing
  • Resin finishing
  • Optical brightening
  • Polyurethane and acrylic impregnation for various purposes
  • Silver ion finishing (antibacterial)
  • Soil release finishing (stain-resistant)
  • Teflon
  • UV protection finishes
  • Vector protection finishes
  • Nonwoven stabilisation
  • Wax coating finishes
  • Water repellent impregnation
  • Softening agents

Please contact us – we shall be pleased to answer your queries.