Together with around 200 dedicated and qualified employees, we want to achieve our prime quality objective: to supply our customers “from the first to last metre” with top quality goods.

High quality plant and machinery enables us to manufacture quality products at the highest level. Self-evidently, this includes quality control by trained personnel on modern inspection machines. Our portfolio is complemented by a comprehensive final presentation service. Our own maintenance department ensures processes remain running smoothly.

We set ourselves high standards to achieve the desired specifications and highest quality. And we produce 100% in Germany.

We produce to the following quality standards:

  • Successfully implemented quality assurance to ISO 9001
  • Testing to DIN standards
  • Continuous improvement management through weekly quality circles
  • Laboratory testing of continuously improving new technologies and methods
  • Sustainable production conditions
  • Long-standing relationships with leading suppliers
  • Optimisation of proven processes.
  • Quality documentation