Our core competencies

  • Extensive range of finishing processes
  • Innovative finishing plant
  • Diversity, flexibility and speed

Together with our wide range of finishing options, we specialise in working in close collaboration with our customers to fulfil the demands of the market.

We are continually working to improve our processes and in determining and fulfilling customer requirements. That makes us an innovative textile finishing company.

Sustainability has always been a concern of ours through an awareness for the environment and quality. Our improvement management policy goes under the name “From the first to last metre”.

Flexibility has a high priority. Our modern plant and machinery together with our team of trained specialists with expertise in the production processes means we are able to react quickly and flexibly to customer demands.

We work closely with our customers and subsidiary companies in the many diverse aspects product development. Optimal adaptability leads to rapid, successful and reliable solutions to your objectives and ours.