Our extensive experience in textile finishing has enabled van Clewe to grow into a powerhouse of ideas. We work continuously and innovatively in the development of new products for various fields of application. Successful growing family businesses have developed from this over the past decades. Here the concentration is on the manufacture and sale of our own textile products.

Sun Protection

van Clewe sun Protection GmbH was founded in 1995 and specialises in interior solar blinds.

This is where materials are created starting from the choice of fibre through to the end product, and which meet the demands of the market in all technical, functional and aesthetic aspects.

Having the finishing and professional production facilities within its own company group, Sun Protection is synonymous with durable products of superb quality, supported by in-house research. Fabric inspection and final presentation is carried out in the sun Protection Gmbh workshops on their own machines (rolling machines, cutting machine for vertical blinds and pleating machines).

Today sun Protection GmbH is a leading supplier of high-quality specialised textiles for interior solar blinds of the following types:

  • roller blind fabrics
  • vertical blinds
  • panel blinds
  • pleated blinds


Energy-saving, low-noise, reflectance, Perlex coatings, embossed designs, dirt-repellent, flame-retardant, solar radiation-absorbent, striped designs, transparent -dimout – blackout, washable and many more.

Our customers are makers of solar shading systems and wholesalers for the retail and contract markets.

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benevit van Clewe GmbH specialises in care products.

A selection from our range:

  • Allergies: Bed linen, pillowcases, mattress covers, fitted sheets
  • Care and accommodation sector: Functional underwear, incontinence sheets, mattress covers, disinfectant wipes, seat covers, incontinence pads
  • Wellness: Sleeping bags, sauna accessories

A strategic extension of its portfolio was created by the expansion of their own retail line “Zink +”. It features underwear based on the innovative use of zinc fibres which help adults, children and babies with skin diseases, irritations, neurodermatitis/psoriasis, skin allergies, skin inflammations/acne or dry, sensitive skin. The fibres were awarded a German research prize.

The specific feature of the products derives from their high quality, long shelf life, modern design and above all from their excellent easy-care characteristics. Customers’ individual requests can be easily realised through our own manufacturing company.

Products for clinics, hospitals, care services, hotels and the wellness & leisure sectors are distributed through wholesalers.

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In 2001, van Clewe validData GmbH was founded and has developed over the years to a successful IT services provider. It provides intelligent and innovative products in the fields of systems technology, software development, and security consultancy.

An experienced team accompanies the customer from project inception through implementation to successful realisation on site. From consultation, to design and implementation, the highest quality and service is guaranteed at all times.

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