In our company laboratory we can react quickly and flexibly to our customers’ finishing requirements with our excellent in-house development department. This is where proven processes are optimised and new technologies are constantly being tested. In the process new fields of application are continually being opened up.

Through our strict test criteria, numerous standard tests and intensive research and development we can ensure consistent inspection and reliable reproducibility.

In the laboratory we work among other things with:

  • Sizing
  • In-house paste production facility
  • Dyeing processes
  • Flame and tensile tests
  • Laboratory padding machine and dryer
  • Measurement and testing methods
  • Testing of UV and light fastness
  • Water columns

The Physical-technical laboratory supports precise reproducibility and tests the technical characteristics of finished products and raw materials. This ensures that the specified characteristics are complied with.

The following are among the test procedures used:

  • B2 testing
  • Determination of thickness
  • Determination of weight
  • Determination of combustion behaviour
  • Block test
  • Rubbing fastness
  • Fastness to perspiration
  • Static / permanent elongation
  • Separation test of layers