Construction of a new production hall

Construction of a new production hall

Friday, 03. June 2016

Investment in the future

In the middle of the current red halls, another production hall with an effective area of approximately 2.000 m² was build. The overbuild land area of the company Gerhard van Clewe GmbH & Co. KG measures about around 22.000 m².

They worked just-in-time at the construction. After the finishing of the hall in March 2015 the first tenter frame dryer was commissioned. In addition, a mixed and dosing station for the enrichment of coating pastes was commissioned. The automation replaces hard physical work.

Spannrahmen: Inbetriebnahme im März 2015

tenter frame dryer: Commissioning in March 2015

Exactly one year later the second tenter frame dryer was commissioned in March 2016. The ultramodern investment has much better energy efficiency as the replaced predecessor model. Necessary was the capacity expansion for the production of fabrics with a width up to 3200cm. The main fields of application from the new tenter frame dryers are the production of textiles for the indoor sun-protection and the stage-, event- and fair area.

The market for coated and finished fabrics rises constantly. The company is more than ever ready to respond to customer wishes and meet the increasing demand. Modern, innovative and high quality! With these attributes the company is positive positioned. Furthermore they are happy to have created seven more jobs. It´s a worthwhile investment in the future of the company group.

Neue Halle in 2015 Bildband1

Neue Halle in 2015 Bildband2